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The Monoflex Division of Baker Water Systems is the leading manufacturer of products for Environmental Monitoring & Remediation, Mineral Exploration and Irrigation.

Monoflex products

Well Screen, Casing and Accessories

Monoflex offers a complete line of well screen, well casing and accessories

Flush Thread Screen & Casing (ASTM F-480)

  • PVC Schedule 40
  • PVC Schedule 80
  • Visually Clear PVC
  • High Density
  • Stainless Steel

PVC Caps, Plugs & Points

  • U-Pack® Well Screen
  • Wash Down Valves
  • Stainless Steel Centralizers
  • Well Completion Products
  • Well Extraction Tools

Monoflex Custom Manufacturing

Monoflex will slot, thread, or perforate PVC and HDPE pipe to your specifications. Monoflex also manufacturers custom components for dewatering, injection/recovery systems, bioremediation, water treatment equipment, methane relief, highway under-drains, pump strainers, diffusers, soil vapor extraction, industrial filters, soil stabilization and more.

Monoflex products

Groundwater Sampling Products

Monoflex manufactures a full line of Groundwater Sampling Products used in environmental engineering and remediation.

Porous Piezometers & Sparge Points

Porous Cup Lysimeters for Unsaturated Zone Monitoring

Monoflex Isomega Bladder Pumps® for Groundwater Sampling

Reusable & Disposable Sampling Bailers