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Porous Cup Lysimeters for Vadose (unsaturated) Zone Monitoring

Monoflex Lysimeter Diagram

Investigation of the vadose (unsaturated) zone is an essential part of the many environmental monitoring programs. The ability to detect groundwater pollutants as the travel toward the water table is possible with the use of Monoflex Lysimeters. Early detection may result in less expensive remedial measures.

Monoflex Lysimeters are soil pore water collection devices designed for permanent installation beneath the ground surface. They are closed tubular devices with a porous ceramic filter element at one end. Monoflex Lysimeters are provided with two ports; One to allow application vacuum of pressure, the other to allow delivery of collected water samples to the ground surface.

Monoflex Lysimeters establish continuity between the soil pores and those in the porous element of the lysimeter.  Surround the lysimeter with a silica flour of sifted soil slurry to ensure intimate contact with the surrounding soil. Application of vacuum to the lysimeter will cause the soil pore water to enter the lysimeter through the slurry and the porous filter element. The soil pore water may then be transferred to the ground surface via the sample recovery line, by pressurizing the vacuum/pressure line.

Benefits of a Monoflex Lysimeter System


Professional use Monoflex Lysimeters in a variety of applications and may provide quality water samples for many years. All Monoflex Lysimeters are assembled and tested in a controlled environment at our facility and feature "flush threads" on all body joints. No glue or solvents are used in in the manufacturing processes or assembly of Monoflex Lysimeters.

Easy to Install

After a borehole is drilled, a Monoflex Lysimeter installation can be completed in a minimal amount of time. Monoflex offers a variety of lysimeter accessories such as well head assemblies, flexible plastic tubing, vacuum pumps, flush thread lysimeter extension casing, Stainless Steel centralizers and steel well protectors.

Easy to Operate

Monoflex Lysimeters are easy to operate. Activate the Monoflex Lysimeter by closing the sample recovery valve, draw a vacuum on the vacuum/pressure line using a manual or electric vacuum/pressure pump, then close the valve. Depending on soil moisture content and soil pore conditions, a sample may be collected in approximately 12 to 24 hours by applying pressure to the vacuum/pressure line.

Monoflex Lysimeter ManualComplete, step by step instructions for installation and operation of Monoflex Lysimeters are available in the Monoflex Lysimeter Instruction Manual.

Monoflex Shallow Sampling Lysimeters

Monoflex Shallow Sampling Lysimeters are ideal for obtaining vadose zone water samples from a maximum depth of 20 feet. Threaded porous cups allow easy replacement in the event of accidental breakage. Dimensions are 1.900 O.D. x 17.5" in length. The sample capacity is 400 ml.

Monoflex Lysimeters

Monoflex Deep Sampling Lysimeters

Monoflex Deep Sampling Lysimeters are ideal for obtaining vadose zone water samples from 20 to 300 foot vertical depths. The use of a ball check above the porous cup prevents damage to the cup and surrounding soil slurry from over pressurization during sample recovery. Dimensions are 1.900 O.D. x 27" in length. The sample capacity is 400 ml.

Variety of Applications

  • Soil pore liquid collection
  • Pesticide studies
  • Water quality studies
  • Leak detection for landfill liners
  • Detection for mining applications
  • Septic system monitoring
  • Hazardous waste location
  • Storage tank monitoring
  • Agricultural studies
  • Golf course management