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RV Pre-Tank Filter System (disposable)

Part Number Description Pcs/Ctn Master Ctn Overall Length Flow (GPM) Inlet/Outlet Connection Cartridge* Pressure Range (psi) Temp Range °F
RVD-34 REPLACEMENT FILTER ONLY 1 6 10 3 3/4 Filter & Hose 30-125 40-100
RVDH-34 DISPOSABLE PRE-TANK FILTER 1 6 10 3 3/4 Filter Only 30-125 40-100
  • Removes unpleasant tastes & odors, including chlorine, from potable drinking water before these problems can reach the RV storage tank.
  • This easy-to-use system includes a 10" long High-Flow Disposable Filter and a 12" FDA quality Drinking Water Hose that connects the filter to the RV water inlet. Standard 3/4" RV water hose connects the inlet side of the Filter to the potable water supply.
  • Installation Kit and Service Wrench included

IMPORTANT: To insure hazardous chemical protection, the supplied 2 gpm Flow Restrictor Coupling must be installed to maintain optimum contact time between the supply water and the granular activated carbon cartridge.