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Campbell Sanitary Yard Hydrants

, SYH Features Parts
Part Number Description Pcs/Ctn Master Ctn Material Bury Depth overall length
CSYH-1 SANI 1'HYDRANT-S S 1 1 Stainless Steel 1 ft 50 in
CSYH-2 SANI 2'HYDRANT-S S 1 1 Stainless Steel 2 ft 62 in
CSYH-3 SANI 3'HYDRANT-S S 1 1 Stainless Steel 3 ft 74 in
CSYH-4 SANI 4'HYDRANT-S S 1 1 Stainless Steel 4 ft 86 in
CSYH-5 SANI 5'HYDRANT-S S 1 1 Stainless Steel 5 ft 98 in
CSYH-6 SANI 6'HYDRANT-S S 1 1 Stainless Steel 6 ft 110 in
  • An advanced hydrant system that prevents contamination and freezing of the potable water service.
  • When the hydrant is shut off, the canister, located below frost line at the base of the hydrant, collects the water that drains down from the hydrant head and riser pipe, protecting supply water from contact with surface water and soil bacteria and preventing head and riser pipe freeze-up.
  • When hydrant is opened, a "venturi-effect" in the system empties the canister, which allows head and riser pipe water to re-collect at shut-off
  • If you attach a hose to the nozzle: in order to maintain a pollution-proof application, you must attach an anti-siphon vacuum breaker and remove the set screw.
  • In freezing conditions, you must detach the hose and vacuum breaker after each use. See page 5 for Hydrant Elbows and Tees