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Pump Control Tank Tee

PC Tank Tee Info
Part Number Description Pcs/Ctn Master Ctn No Per Carton Weight Per Carton Pipe Size Tank Connection Control Threads
1PCF THREADED TEE, 1 NPT, 12 PK 12 12 12 10 lbs 3/4" x 1" 1" 1/4"
1PCF2 TEE HEAD, 1NPT W/(2) 1/2NPT 1 1 12 11.35 lbs 3/4" x 1" 1" 1/4"


  • Can be located anywhere in the piping.
  • The pressure switch and gauge can be moved above the floor!
  • Can be used like a tee with almost any type of tank!
  • Use a 3" or 10" long 1"pipe nipple with most tanks.
  • Costs less to install than most brass tank tees.
  • 1PCF is cast from brass, precision machined.
  • 1PCF2 is precision machined red brass casting will adapt to any 1 inch discharge tank.
  • Tank Tee Head and nipple (not included) are lower in cost than most brass tees.